Dexterity Engineering, LLC is a mechanical engineering design consultancy founded by Bert Uschold, an engineer with over 30 years of experience.

He uses his passion for product development to help medical device companies design successful products that meet all stakeholder needs.

He also has experience with consumer and automotive products and can adapt to the different requirements and controls that those industries require.

Finally, Bert created Powerstaxx tolerance analysis software, a cost effective Excel® based tool that makes it easy to be thorough. Click the logo for more information.

Dependable Product Development

Project Definition

Project Management

ISO 9001/13485

Technical Writing

Plastic Part Design



GDT/Tolerance Analysis

Test and Inspection fixtures


Product Development Process

Medical Product Design

End-user Interaction

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Assembly

Skills and Expertise

  • in front of the computer doing CAD work and engineering analysis.

  • in the conference room brainstorming.

  • in the lab to test products and prototypes.

  • in the shop building breadboards

  • in the hallway discussing ideas with engineers, designers, researchers, and clients.

  • at focus groups listening to and talking with customers.

  • in the operating room to talk to doctors and observe surgery.

  • in the factory in Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Brazil making sure it can be built efficiently.

  • at your facility or in their home office.

  • on a bike sharpening the saw!

Dexterity Engineering is...