An Excel® based tolerance analysis tool that makes it easy to be thorough.

Why Powerstaxx? Because it...

  • helps manage risk in your project

  • is Excel® based and easy to use.

  • is the tool to use when you have many stack-ups to do, especially when one dimension is used in multiple stack-ups.

  • has associative dimension management. Change the dimension value in one place and it changes wherever it is used.

  • makes it easy to be thorough when doing a tolerance analysis.

  • is cost effective.


  • Up to 200 tolerance stack ups with associative dimensions.

  • Worst case, RSS, and modified RSS stack-ups.

  • Linear and non-linear stack-ups

  • Easily choose between analyzing nominal values, first article values, validation values, or any combination.

  • A "times used" feature to provide an alert if a dimension is used more than once.

  • Graphical output of stack-up results.

  • A place to put an image of the stack-up dimensions.

  • Choose whether to use worst case or RSS to highlight out of spec conditions.

  • An automatically generated summary sheet of all stack-ups.

  • Predict rejects per user defined lot size.


  • If you have priced high end tolerance analysis software, you know that they cost $1,000s or $10s of thousands. Not Powerstaxx.

  • The price is based on the number of engineers and potential users in your group.

  • If there is just one user, the cost is $100.

  • The cost goes down for more users so contact us for a quote.

Contact us

  • To answer any questions.

  • To get an on site or virtual demonstration.

  • To get a fully functional evaluation copy.

Please note:

  • You are downloading a 9 megabyte Excel file with numerous macros.

  • You must activate macros for the file to function.

  • There is an expiration date to the functionality.

Don't gamble with your product, use Powerstaxx!