Are you looking for a promotional item that your customers will really want and use? I mean, one that is not a $40 Yeti mug. How about one that costs pennies? How about one that will be taped to their monitor for years? How about one that their co-workers will borrow and copy and use too? Well, this is it.

Cool. What is it?

It is an alt-code card.

OK. Umm, what is that?

Pick a symbol on the card, hold the alt key, and enter the number using the number pad and you are done. Alt-0216 gives Ø. Magnificent! It is as easy as π. (Alt-227 and a little engineering humor!) ♥♥♥ (That's alt-3. A little bonus.)

As you can see there are two options to locate your brand: a rectangular area and a square area. (Scroll down if on a phone) One advantage of the square in the middle is that it makes it harder for someone to trim your name off of the card. Handy.

The cards are 5"x7" and printed on both sides. On the back, you have an area 5.25" high x 4.75" wide to enter more information about your company.

Great! I'm in. How much?

Glad you asked. Here you go.

100 cards - $60

250 cards - $100

500 cards - $115

1,000 cards - $140

2,500 cards - $240

5,000 cards - $400

There is a setup fee of $25 for initial orders of 1,000 or fewer.

Also, we will change the background to a custom version you provide. Fee is $15.

Shipping is extra.

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