Engineering Joke 5

Golfing with an Engineer



1/9/20242 min read

The clubhouse at a country club catches on fire. The fire company comes and puts it out, but unfortunately, there were some chemicals in there and it caused the firefighters to lose their sight. So, the trustees of the golf club got together and said, "Man, you know, they saved most of our clubhouse. We have to repay them somehow"

A doctor says, "You know, we should just let them play at a reduced rate." Everyone agreed that would be good. Then they realized that they play kind of slow. So, a teacher says, "You know, well, we just let them play with sighted people and that'll help them along."

Then, the engineer says, "Uh, just let them play at night."

Joke provided by Ken Stuber when he was on the "Beers with Engineers" podcast. Click the image below to listen to the entire conversation.

Another variation of the joke is below.

A doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer are out playing golf and they keep hitting up getting stuck behind the golfer in front of them. It is just constantly slowing them down and they're starting to get really frustrated. Then the manager of the golf course comes by in a golf cart and says, "Oh, I'm so sorry, but the guy in front of you is blind."

The lawyer says, "Oh, man, that's terrible. Do you know what happened? I'd like to sue the guy who made him blind."

The doctor says, "I'd love to help that guy. I'm a surgeon. I'll help him regain his eyesight"

The engineer says, "Why can't he just play at night?"

This version of the joke provided by Brian Smith when he was on the "Beers with Engineers" podcast. For what its worth, it is closer to the variation that I like to tell. Click the image below to listen to the entire conversation