Engineering Joke 4

Geeks hunting



12/29/20231 min read

A mathematician, an engineer and a statistician go on a hunting trip. The mathematician is carrying a high powered rifle with a scope and a tripod. It's a sniper's rifle and they're going through the brush. The engineer has the binoculars and he sees an elk, and it's probably three quarters of a mile away, but the rifle that they're using to hunt is very capable of that range.

So they agree to set up the rifle on the ridge where they have a view of this elk. Then they set up the scope and take a look. The mathematician says, "I got this. I got this. Let me take the first shot since I had to carry the rifle." Everyone agrees, so he takes out a pad and paper. He does a range finding, calculates the triangulation, sets the rifle up and takes a shot. The engineer is looking through the binoculars and he says, "You hit the ground about 50 yards beyond the elk." The engineer says, "gimme a try. Let me try this." So he gets out his pad of paper. He does his calculations, sets up the shot, and he pulls a trigger. The mathematician is looking through the binoculars and he says, "Ah, you were 50 yards too short. The statistician says, "it seems like we hit him."

Joke provided by Nate Rollins when he was on the "Beers with Engineers" podcast. Click the image below to listen to the entire conversation.