Buy Lemonade ( The drink, not the stock.)

Support your local entrepreneurs!


8/28/20231 min read

I was doing Saturday errands this weekend and passed a lemonade stand. It was on a slightly busy road so I didn’t stop initially but made a point of it on the return trip. It is a habit I have been doing for several years. I rarely pass by a lemonade stand without stopping and making a purchase. The quality is usually low but the point is to support a budding entrepreneur. Or at the very least, rewarding a kid for doing something to make a few bucks.

There are a few lemonade stands in my history and I have one funny memory. I was set up at the end of the driveway looking for customers on a hot day. (Ok, so it was Buffalo in the 1970s, so it was probably only about 75°.) Down the street comes my older sister on her bicycle. She was returning from her music lesson, a few miles away. What had she been doing the entire ride home? Looking for a lemonade stand. Mine was the first one she saw. She still supported her little brother instead of going inside for a glass of free water.

Thanks, Suzanne! Everyone else, go out there and support as many lemonade stands as possible.