Bing vs Google

Is one better?


8/17/20232 min read

OK, so I did not set out to do a Bing vs Google comparison, and this is not a very thorough one, but I did notice something that I thought I would share.

First, an apology. Yes, this post is a small marketing effort. You realize that. However, due to the nature of the post, it comes off as a really annoying, over the top market effort. That was not the intent and I hope you will understand and forgive me. On to the topic.

For whatever reasons, I use Bing for search. Therefore, that is what I used today when I wanted to see what happened when I searched for Powerstaxx, my tolerance analysis software which is also on this very new website. It was a very pleasant surprise to see this website come up first. Since I know Bing is not the 800 pound gorilla of search, I wanted to see what happened on Google. This website was nowhere to be found. Very interesting.

To be thorough, I did the same thing on other computers and browsers. Google did not return (at least as far as I looked and who looks far?) and Bing had it within the top 5 or better. DuckDuckGo on my wife's phone returned it #2. Amongst the results for all tests were some of my videos on YouTube. So, if someone had heard of Powerstaxx, it could not be found on Google but it would be found on Bing. Final detail, searching for Dexterity Engineering did a good job of finding this website.

What does that mean? First it means I need to do some SEO and build up traffic to my website. It also suggests Bing's results are more up to date and/or thorough. Google found my website but did not appear to index the information on the pages. One reason I stopped using Google was that I was sick of returning things that were not what I was looking for. Putting my search terms in quotes, meaning, I thought, that it would look for that exact phrase, provided minimal improvement. Modern search engines are more accurately called ad servers.

Now that that is done, may I take a moment to brag? If you search for "critical dimensions", something a product designer like me might do, consistently in the five or better is an article I wrote on 2014 about critical dimensions and medical devices. Check it out if you like.

For the record, I received nothing from Microsoft but would not turn down a few bucks if they decided to throw some at me.